Product Warranty

BullPull Warranty

The BullPull and its hardware have been designed for a lifetime of use and we are absolutely confident in its reliability and performance. We have research and developed every aspect of this tool and have tested the limits under extreme conditions Failure of the unit such as bending the handle only came when grossly overloaded beyond the rated capacity of 6,800 pounds.

The BullPull is backed by a three year warranty stating all units to be free from defects or mechanical failure. Due to the extreme forces applied by leverage, it is possible, when the vertical tower is set at a leaning angle of more than 60 degrees (leaning towards object), to bend or bow vertical supports, such mishaps are considered obvious signs of tool abuse and will also void this warranty.

We've made The BullPull to be as user friendly and easy as possible, however, as with any tool made from steel, if used improperly can cause injury and /or tool failure. Enjoy using this tool with a safe common sense approach. Please refer to users guide or view our instructional videos on The BullPull websites.

The BullPull was specifically designed to not need a lengthy handle or extra leverage components. Externally added forces to the handle such as extension pipe or cheater bars or heavy equipment (except) if needed in rescue situations, will also void this agreement.

Claims of the tower, base or handle will be honored only after unit is sent to us for a full analysis and will be replaced at no charge. The BullPull is... "ingenuity in your hands"

Made In The USA Veteran Owned Business

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