The BullPull

The BullPull Universal Post & Shrub Puller

The BullPull began on the farm as a simple thought... How can I pull a post without the hassle or troublesome back strain? The answer to that question was revealed in the incredible forces of fulcrum and lever. Harnessing that power was the challenge and after years of trials and errors it is now available... the tool that stands before you is the absolute best in its class.

Like many of you, pulling posts or shrubs required an armload of tools and a full day's work, I myself would rather get the job done and move on to something else. That's the idea behind this design, to relieve the stress and aggravation factors of tough jobs. BullPull videos are enjoyable to watch, informative and actual in the field. We have fun pulling posts knowing what used to take hours will only take minutes. Future demonstrations will include, uses not only for posts and shrubs, but for anything we would normally have to dig up, yank, pull or lift up or out of the ground.

We have gone the extra miles to ensure absolute reliability for 100% complete customer satisfaction. All BullPull units come with the following list below..., with special color orders available with just a phone call.

Price: $569.00

Call 1-304-904-7205 to order!

High Standards

  • Tower, Base, Handle and Pins...USA - grade steel
  • Chain... Pewag Inc. of USA/Europe - 120 grade super duty
  • Grab Hook... Crosby & USA - 80 grade forged alloy
  • Shackle Anchor... Crosby & USA - alloy steel
  • D-Ring... USA - Texas
  • Lock pins... USA - Wisconsin
  • Bolts and Nuts... USA - 8 grade carbon flange with locknut
  • Boxes... USA - Ohio
  • Decals... USA - printed locally


  • Powder Coated Gloss Black
  • Special Color Orders - call for details

Here at The BullPull we have done everything possible to bring you a superior product at an affordable price...and remember "Nothin' pulls like The Bull". Be safe out there!

Made In The USA Veteran Owned Business

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