Engineered Tough

BullPull - Engineered Tough

The design of The BullPull is second to none in its class. If you are reading this then it is possible other research has been done on a few other post pullers, which brought you seeking the most effective tool made for a lifetime of use.

Our website videos are non-staged actual in the field results under real situations never needing or applying cheater bars! This tool's inventive design took years of development, ensuring absolute reliability, failure was not an option at any time.

We refuse to settle for second rate materials or the good enough. The BullPull is everything we say it is and the applications of use are multiplying. Heavy duty vertical supports incorporate five easily adjustable leverage positions along with the quick and easily adjusted handle.

Weight -force distribution throughout the entire tool is built to withstand extreme pressures. Providing safe extractions when used with common sense, we're sure you'll agree and enjoy this tool.

Our family here at The BullPull thanks you for tuning in.

Made In The USA Veteran Owned Business

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