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Upon delivery, The BullPull is ready to exert an upward force motion of up to a rated 6,800 pounds. Weighing under 35 pounds this Portable Tool is easily stowed and can be carried anywhere.

Military Grade, Fire Rescue, Oil and Gas Industry can order spark resistant powder coating. A standard wrinkled finish for extra grip.

Significantly reduces the risk of serious injury due to heavy lifting, pulling or prying due to the incredible 16 to 1 upward force ratio.

Fleet Utility Vehicles Industrial and Municipal can greatly benefit by having this tool on the truck, eliminating the need for heavy equipment in many cases thus saving wear and tear on both man and machine.

With Industrial strength and affordability, The BullPull brings you this rugged, no-maintenance tool manufactured in USA.

Being an environmentally friendly tool that leaves no damage to property, there seems to be an endless number of applications for its uses both around the yard or on the job.

With the variable handle design we were able to show an astonishing leverage capability making this tool Easy To Use.

Hard knocks and rough terrain is what it was designed for and uses in harsh environments such as sub-zero or under water is not out of the question, making The BullPull one of the tools of the century.

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